When a problem develops or a part must be replaced, don't wimp out with a no-name part. Your Nissan Pathfinder is meant to have the right auto parts to deliver its.... Nov 25, 2014 So, we brought home a nice 1993 Pathfinder a couple months ago. ... I did a quick check on the FPRS, spark, etc...didn't find an issue, the relay switch clicks. ... The new pump cycles/runs for a few seconds but no fuel comes out. ... 2021 NPORA - Nissan Pathfinder Off Road Association Powered by Invision.... I would also suspect a fuel pump problem is you've done a tune up recently. Posted on Jul 11, 2008. 0.. There was no cost to me to diagnose and the connector problem. Unfortunately, I did have to pay to have the Pathfinder towed to the dealer since she is well out of.... Apr 22, 2008 About a 2 months ago our '06 Pathfinder Fuel Gauge level started reading ... Nissan then replace the gauge cluster and still the problem persisted. ... placing the jack directly under the fuel pump when they reinstall the tank.. If You notice that there is not any fuel pressure at Your engine that is usually a sign of a problem with the pump and if replacing the relay does not fix it then the.... Notes: Module assembly, Fuel tank contamination is the leading cause of premature fuel pump failure. To reduce risk of contaminating the replacement pump,... 538a28228e










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